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Just Knives, Melbourne's trusted mobile knife sharpening service, partakes in numerous local markets each month. This page provides their monthly market attendance, ensuring that you know where to find Just Knives for all your knife sharpening needs.


At Just Knives, we understand that our clients value their time and the safety of their valuable tools. That's why we have a streamlined process to help you secure your place and safely transport your knives.

Wrap Your Knives

For safety reasons, we encourage all our customers to wrap their knives tightly in a tea towel before bringing them in. A tea towel wrap provides a convenient and secure method to transport your knives while protecting the sharp edges from accidental contact or damage.

Get In Early

As they say, "the early bird gets the worm". Due to high demand for our professional services, spots tend to fill up quickly. To ensure you do not miss out, we advise arriving early at the market venues. This will help secure your spot and ensure we can attend to your knives in a timely manner.

Remember, your safety and convenience are our priority — and with these simple steps, you're all set for your next visit to Just Knives.

Allow an hour

When you drop off your knives for sharpening at Just Knives, please allow approximately an hour for the service. This duration may vary slightly depending on the number and condition of the knives you bring in. Why not make the most of your time? This could be a perfect time for you to explore the bustling marketplace. Grab a warming cup of coffee from a local barista, explore unique stalls, or do some shopping.

Monthly Markets:


Find us in the vibrant Slow Food Spotswood market, a place known for its fantastic selection of local products and services.

4th Saturday of the month 8am-1pm

600 Melbourne Rd, Spotswood VIC 3015 

West Footscray

Catch us in West Footscray, an area with a thriving local market scene.

2nd Saturday of the month 8am-1pm

55 Essex St, West Footscray


Discover us in Caulfield's famous market, often hailed for its diverse range of products and delightful local vendors.

1st Sunday of the Month

Kambrook Rd, Caulfield East

Park Orchards

Stop by and say hello in the tranquil beauty of Park Orchards market, an exciting mix of local produce and charming vendors.

3rd Saturday of the month 10am-2pm

1 Bowmore Ave, Park Orchards



Say hello in Heathmont’s warm and inviting farmer's market — it's your chance to get your knives sharpened while enjoying the market experience.

4th Sunday of the Month

51A Great Ryrie St, Heathmont



Come and find us at Nunawading, a lively market brimming with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local services.

2nd Sunday of the Month

Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading 

Please check back regularly as market attendance can change from month to month. For precise dates and exact locations of our presence, don't hesitate to contact us.

We're looking forward to seeing you and helping you achieve the perfect edge on your favorite knives!

For further information or to inquire about a specific type of knife, feel free to contact us

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