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We are dedicated professionals offering a mobile knife sharpening service to Melbourne and its surrounding areas. 

Our commitment is to provide fast, reliable, and convenient service exactly when and where you need it. We are based in Northeast Melbourne but our services have been extended to many, including Spotswood, West Footscray, Altona Meadows, Park Orchards, Heathmont, Nunawading, Melbourne and the inner suburbs.

Using bespoke whetstone sharpening methods combined with cutting-edge practices, we aim to enhance precision and extend the lifespan of your valuable kitchen companions. Our service focuses on delivering not just a razor-sharp edge but an improved cutting experience and overall peace of mind.

We specialize in sharpening a variety of knives ranging from Japanese, European, to high-end brands. Additionally, our unique techniques to sharpen bread knives are lauded for their ability to maintain the knife's effectiveness and prolong its lifespan. To add to our portfolio, we take on restoration projects and revive worn-out knives, giving them a new lease of life.

Our business is all about convenience, safety, and quality service. We bring skill and top-quality equipment directly to your home or business while handling all types of knives providing a seamless experience.

Our services have been well-received by numerous satisfied customers who give testimony to the premium quality and convenience that we offer.

We operate from Monday to Sunday and are available to answer any questions or inquiries you might have about our service. Let Just Knives take care of all your knife sharpening needs. 

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Why Choose Just Knives?

At Just Knives, each knife tells a story. They're more than just a tool; they're an extension of the person who wields them. As someone who has spent countless hours with each type of knife in hand, I understand their intricacies, their strengths, and what they need to shine.

My commitment to quality extends to the service you receive during your interaction with us. I aim to make the process as smooth as possible, with competitive pricing, seamless door-to-door service, and tailored care packages to keep your knives in optimal shape for years to come.


Knife Sharpening: Each knife deserves its unique care. No matter the type - a chef's knife, paring knife, Bread knife, or cleaver - I will bring it back to its best.

Speciality Tool Sharpening: From scissors to mandolines and food processor blades, I've got you covered.

Maintenance Packages: For those who need regular servicing or want the peace of knowing their knives are always in the best shape, I offer maintenance packages.

Home and Business Solutions: Whether you're a home cook or a restaurant owner, I offer solutions to keep your prep work running smoothly.

As our journey unfolds, my purpose remains the same – to help you achieve the joy of cooking with well-maintained tools. It's not merely a service; it's a partnership I aim to build with each client, providing my undivided attention, care, and expertise. It's a pleasure to welcome you to Just Knives!

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